For those of you who couldn't make it, here is a quick roundup of what happened at the guild meetings each month.  Thanks to Margot Fee for taking time to take photos at every meeting.

February 2018 - Name Badges & Knitting

The weather was appalling on Guild day.  A good number braved the weather and turned out anyway. 

Fiona Morris's knitting pattern design workshop was in a separate room upstairs so there was lots of room for a change in the hall.  The feedback from the workshop was positive, with one member already using one of Fiona's designs to knit her next project.  There will be a fuller report in the next newsletter.

We had several new members again and this time they brought a couple of small rigid-heddle looms which they set up on tv-dinner tables. 

As a result of the conversation we are having an impromptu rigid heddle loom workshop at the March Guild.  If you can help or want help please bring yours along too.

Lots of chat as usual and Chris T had brought her first! entry for the Easter Name Badge competition (see newsletter).  

Such concentration! 
Fiona Morris Knitting Pattern Design Workshop

Chris Truscott's first entry for the Easter Name Badge competition.



January 2018 - Catching up

Nearly 5O of us arrived to say “Happy New Year” and spend the day spinning. There was not much space to move around, but move around we did, with conversation and laughter ringing out.

Weaversloft from Andover displayed their tops, weaving & knitting yarns. We were taunted by the glorious colours and many of us treated ourselves.

Jaz bought her rugs to show us. Rugs she had woven in wonderful earthly colours. Jenny bought a flock of sheep, all created using Jacobs wool. We ate Melissa`s gorgeous chocolate cake and we welcomed some new members, Viv, Naomi, Judy and baby Oliver but something tells me we might have trouble persuading him to pay his subs.

A wonderful way to start 2018.

J. J.

Here is June's Tartan bag that I managed to snap with my phone, unfortunately Margot's photos failed to download so if you have any photos of January's meeting and in particular Jaz's rugs or Jenny's sheep, please email me a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Mo.

Update Feb 2018

Jenny Lang kindly emailled me a photo of her sheep, she says; 

"My latest venture is sheep – my sister in law gave me a ‘Knit your own Dartmoor Sheep Kit’ for Christmas (people should be careful what they give me!) – I have already made about 20 sheep and altered the pattern completely (as one does) and already sold a couple of those without even trying. Roll on next New Forest Show by which time I may have a large flock!"






December 2017 - Christmas Competition

There were a good number of entries this year covering all the different disciplines.  The challenge was to create a Christmas Tree decoration.  The entries were displayed anonymously and all the members voted for their favourite.  Thanks to Margot Fee for the photographs.


November 2017 - Guild Annual Competition, entrants and winners and a little needle felted gnome work for the brave ones

Sally Parker writes:  "On the 25 November 2017 Guild Day, ladies sat down to tackle the annual needle felting workshop.  We had a super day and the time went so fast, all too soon it came to an end.  Cherry made it so enjoyable and she had prepared so much for us beforehand.  What fun!  Lots of tea, cakes and of course, nattering, we all managed to finish our gnome work.  We are all the proud makes and owners of a felted Father Christmas.  Most decided they would enrol for next year, although we hope it doesn't come round too quickly."  Thanks, Sally.  You are braver than me, those needles are SHARP!

Our gorgeous model

Everyone concentrating hard on their Gnomework.

The finished results, waiting for Gnometime.