We encourage our members to bring projects they have completed and share skills at our monthly Guild meetings.  Below are photographs and details of Member's Projects.  They are displayed with the newest at the top. 

March 2018


Margaret Prevost recently borrowed Linda's 8 shaft portable loom and then bought her own.  This is her first scarf made with a commercial warp and hand spun merino weft and her first piece on her own loom. 

I know I should have done this sooner.  This is Penny's fantastic Herdwick rug (I think)  I will check tomorrow.   Details to follow.

February 2018


Julie-Ann Cutler and her Portland Fleece

At the February Guild meeting Julie-Ann was proudly wearing the result of all her hard work, a true labour of love.  Julie-Ann bought the Portland fleece at a Guild sale. (Another new breed for me to explore).  She washed, carded, spun and knitted the resulting jumper (and embroidered the detail on her skirt in the picture).  I forgot to ask her how long it all took, but truly a really satisfying and successful effort.  One I am working toward as well.  Its really encouraging to see other people who have achieved it already.


Spinning Jenny and the Crochet Jacket

Regarding my cardigans etc, the first one of those I made (which I was wearing on Saturday) was adapted from a pattern in a book by Sylvia Cosh, The Crochet Sweater Book, which I actually got at the Guild from the stash of a member who had sadly passed on…. I have now made about 16 of these jackets, including one for my mother and one for my sister-in-law, and I have sold a few. I also won first prize with one made of natural Shetland colours at the Singleton Show last year. The one in the photo in the newsletter was inspired by garden colours. One of the ones attached is called ‘New Forest’ and was displayed at the new Forest Show last year.  Jenny Lang

Perfect Pinwheels by Helen Bean 
The pattern (draft) for this piece is from Handwoven May/June 2014 Issue 170 pages 36 – 38 (available free on line, click the link above).  Helen used Cottelin sett at 24 epi.